Where is the Mainstore/Redelivery?

Right Here

Where can I follow Violent Seduction?

Check our Social Media links at the top of this page

What bodies does Violent Seduction design for?

Violent Seduction currently creates sizing for LaraX, Legacy and Ebody Reborn.
Additional addon sizes (ie. Petite and Juicyrolls) are also occasionally included at no additional cost.
This means that not all items will come with sizing for your particular addon. Usually this is the case if the outfit covers the majority of the addon or the cut is incompatible.

We will only be rigging to addons released by the original body creator.

Why are the packs seperated by body and not sold together?

Rigging takes up significant time, in comparison to the creation of an outfit and its complexities, one item could take double the time to rig than it does to create.
Separating the body packs allows for important sales data regarding the popularity of bodies and allows us to adapt quicker and more efficiently to the bodies that are currently popular at the time.
This also allows you to purchase a single color one day and upgrade it in your own time if you’d like to; or update your pack to your new body without having to purchase a whole set of colors again.

Most people only use one body or will only use an item for one body according to the majority of our sales data.


Thank you for your unconstructive criticism. Believe it or not Violent Seduction's prices are set on a little less than what a general 3D artist would recieve from an employer in the industry over the course of a year, and at least 100% less than some IRL roles I have been offered and turned down.

I am not "Making bank" "Getting the bag" or paying artists a pittance under the brand. These prices have to be set this way to make it worth the time spent creating here rather than outside of Second Life.

Since all items released under the Violent Seduction brand are retopologized and optimized to reduce lag; this takes significantly more time than it would if this was not done. You are paying directly for the time spent developing these skills over 10+ years in the gaming/3D industry and within SL.

Unfortunately the lower poly counts mean that the majority of "Riggers/Skinners" I've tried hiring in SL have a very hard time trying to work with a Violent Seduction item and spend triple the time I do trying to get it to work at a fraction of the quality. This means I have no choice but to do this myself if you'd like to continue buying quality skinned clothing at my current pricing.

If you do not care for the extra love and attention given to these creations please simply turn 360 degrees and moonwalk away. You really don't need to IM or scream at an artist over 20c, it doesn't change the fact that the profit in SL is becoming less competitive in this way and it's looking to be much better for my mental health to just leave and work on another game if it gets any lower. The only thing keeping me here is the creative freedom, not the money. I would just like to pay my bills and survive - I believe I deserve that.

Lastly I know the general reply to this argument is "Just raise your polycounts like everyone else so it's easier!". I refuse to do this. Violent Seduction is my portfolio and keeping the assets compatible with engines outside of it will allow me far more freedom and speed while moving my entire catalogue to other engines and games with set specifications. I will not change my processes to suit Second Life's lack of optimization penalties.

For those of you that understand artists deserve to be paid a living wage for the work they do - thank you so much for your support and kind words over the years. People like you allow me to continue to create. This message is not directed at you <3

HELP, I bought something for the wrong body! Can I get a refund??

There is a disclaimer on every vendor, each item is clearly marked as well.
Unfortunately since items are no transfer we do not give refunds for incorrect purchases.

I changed my mind! Can I get a refund/partial refund?

There are no refunds for change of mind purchases, this includes buying a single color and deciding later you'd like a fatpack.
Please make your purchase decisions carefully.

Will X item be updated to X body?

Probably not. In rare cases Iki is unable to rig for all the body options in time for an event; in this case they will likely be rigged upon release in the mainstore.
Some items are notoriously difficult to rig for a wide amount of bodies (Lolita dresses specifically) and might be declared as a body exclusive.

That being said, we are looking for a rigger to take the strain off; if you can skin to a professional level and are interested please contact Bebe Bunny. Bonus points if you rig in 3dsMax and have experience with Unreal Engine 5

When will X item be in the mainstore?

If an item is not in the mainstore within a week of an event ending, it is likely it needs additional work, has been discontinued or Iki is on a break.

If the event has just ended please allow a week for the mainstore to be updated.

What item are you wearing in X photo?

Unfortunately I don't have a photographic memory of all items in my inventory, but the VS group in world, or the discord channel may know more.
If you are wondering about a clothing item, it is most likely from Violent Seduction too.

Make sure to check out the Flickr page to see. The most common items asked about are most likely previous VS Gachas available in the mainstore.

How many people are on the Violent Seduction team?

Violent Seduction’s team is very small, we have one Artist (Iki Akiri), one CSR (Bebe Bunny) and one Event Coordinator/Social Media Representive (Murder Enthusiast)

How do I become a blogger for Violent Seduction?

Use our Blogotex application form to apply.